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Chatham Improv - John Wallace
John Wallace with a couple of extra muscles added

John has come to the Chatham Improv cast with a wealth of experience in local Community Theater. He has been in a number of Columbia Civic Players Productions over the past few years:

He also appeared as The Guard in a Capital Rep-sponsored experimental theatre production (dark comedy and improv) in 2002 of "The System" and is a regular cast member of "Saturday Night Liv" a local comedy and variety show.

As Lenny Gantz in Neil Simon's "Rumors"

John has enjoyed playing various roles in comedies throughout the years, but looks at Chatham Improv as a chance to act "out of the box" "Chatham Improv gives us a lot of freedom to develop and expand our multiple roles and to interact with the audience during the weekend performances and I thoroughly enjoy being a member of the group."

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