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Bud Godfroy

Bud Godfroy been doing spontaneous improv most of his life because it makes life a lot "funner." His First "show" was at the Triple Nickle Coffee House in New Lebanon, NY in 2005. From there he was a member of the cast, hotel director, in "Born Yesterday at the Ghent Playhouse. Reaquaintence with John Wallace from the NYSP years ago and running into Diane Hobden, both at the Playhouse led to his appearance with Saterday Nite Liv. Bud has appeared at Northpointe in Kinderhook, the Columbia County Fair, the Copake Community Center and Copake Legion Hall all with Saturday Nite Liv. Currently "hooked" into Chatham Improv, he is having a great time expanding his experience, product line and friendships.

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